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  1. 1.How do I move a point’s location?  
        To move a point, select the point details and click the “Reload” icon in the
    bottom menu bar. This will update that selected point’s location with the current GPS coordinates provided by the device. You can also drag a point from one location to another. See question 5 on altitude availability.

  2. 2.Can I insert a new point in between two other points in my plot?
        Unfortunately, at this time, inserting a new point will only add to the end of the point list. For instance, if you have three existing points, adding a new point make it number four and connect it to point one. You can, however, add a new point and move the pins around to achieve the desired result.

  3. 3.If I quit the application will my current plot be saved?
        If you stop the application, all points on the current plot will be saved and accessible via the “New Plot” menu.

  4. 4.How accurate are the plot measurements?
        The accuracy of the plot measurements are limited by the accuracy of the GPS coordinates provided by the device. When on the map screen, the current accuracy is provided to allow for the most accurate measurement.

  5. 5.Why is the altitude measurement sometimes not available?
        The altitude is only available when a point is created from the user’s current location (blue dot). Whenever you drag a pin or place a point when the user location is not available, altitude is not provided.

  6. 6.Why do I not see the blue dot for the current location?
        When AGRIplot is first installed, your iPhone/iPad should ask you to allow the program to use your current location. If you do not allow this, you will not see the blue dot. To enable, go to the settings menu on your iPhone and select Location Services. Find AGRIplot in the list and verify setting.

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